Unbelievable Examples of Celebrity Weight Loss

These celebrities have gone to extreme lengths to lose weight!

Christian Bale


For Christians role as a troubled insomniac in The Machinist, he lost a whopping 63 pounds. From all accounts, the Batmanstar took several vitamin supplements to stay healthy, but rarely ate anything — if he ate at all. During filming he reportedly weighed as little as 122 pounds


Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne became famous as a brooding, pudgy, but also cute teen in the reality show The Osbournes. After being featured in Dancing with the Stars, however, the rock star’s daughter lost at least 50 pounds. Now 29 years-old, Osbourne has reportedly cut back on her endemic emotional eating.


Drew Carey


Comedian and actor Drew Carey has been on a strict eating regimen for several years. In 2010 he reportedly lost a total of 80 pounds from his peak weight. His secret is the paleo diet. A diet high in protein with fruits, vegetables, and 45 minute cardio exercises six days a week.


Jonah Hill


In 2014, Jonah Hill surprised fans with a drastic drop in weight. Since then, his weight has been subject to severe fluctuation and scrutiny by the press. While people are quick to bring up health concerns, it’s possible Hill’s weight changes depend mainly on his roles.


Star Jones Reynolds


A former co-host of The View, Star Jones Reynolds came under suspicion for losing 160 pounds in three years. While Reynolds would refuse to admit to having surgery for some time, in 2007 she confessed. Even after the surgery, Reynolds has had to keep up a rigorous diet and exorcise routine to keep her weight down.


John Goodman


In 2007, The Big Lebowski’s John Goodman weighed 368 pounds. In order to lose weight, Goodman quit drinking and cut sweet foot items out of his diet. In addition, he works out six days a week and has lost over 100 pounds.


50 cent


In order to be in character as a cancer patient in the movie Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent lost over 60 pounds. This may be shocking to many fans, given 50′s usual hunky body type. However, after filming 50 quickly regained his normal weight and can be seen strong as ever in this summer’s hit The Spy.