These Trippy Bags Look Like Cartoons But They’re Totally Real

JumpFromPaper is a Taiwan based company that sells accessories. Nothing strange about that – except for the fact that their bags look more like a cartoon than a real accessory.


JumpFromPaper writes that they “attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy” and “encourages people to let their imagination go wild!”


The company started in April 2010, and seems to appeal to the quirky fashionistas.


This optical illusion of the pop-art bags turns any photograph into an art piece, looking like meticulously drawn graffiti.


Whilst the bags look like a children’s toy, the price tag isn’t so cheap, ranging from $89 to $149 a pop.


They haven’t forgotten about the men either!


The accessories are a must have in the fashion world and are sold in multiple locations in Europe and Asia.


(Source Buzzfeed & Jumpfrompaper)