Covering A Cheap Steak In A Pile Of Salt Yields An Unexpected And Delicious Result

People hoping to eat well and fancy on a budget usually have a hard time accomplishing such a feat. Meals at a fast food chain are some of the most affordable items on the market, and every other cheap food item is generally not too delicious or nutritious. That’s why one chef set out to show people how to make a cheap and easy version of a filet mignon.

Faking a filet mignon is a lot simpler than you would think, and the ingredients are much cheaper than actually buying a filet mignon itself. This is an affordable and delicious method for anyone interested in eating a finer, more delicious cut of meat.

(via Cooking With Jack Show)

The next time you crave some high-priced meat, forget going to the steakhouse and spending $100 on a dinner. Stay at home instead and unload a pile of salt on your steak. You’ll find yourself equally satisfied with both your meal and your bank account.